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How Purpose Can Drive Performance – High Performing Teams Workshop with Kathryn Jackson


The overarching aim of our regular workshops with Kathryn Jackson Coaching is to empower and develop high performance in our teams.  Our recent workshop in May 2023 focused on Purpose – both at the individual and team levels.

The workshop led by Kathryn helped remind us of some of the ingredients of a high-performing team, before encouraging us to reconnect with our purpose and reflect on how this can drive our performance.

We had some very rich discussions about why purpose might be important and how when it is understood it can lead to better cohesion all around.  Having time to reflect individually, as pairs, and as a group allowed us to further understand each other more and what we have in common, and how this can inform our decision-making and priorities. Building on this we explored what might be holding us back in moving towards our company vision and what actions we need to take forward.

We left with an agreed action plan and have a “check-in” session with Kathryn to ensure we are continually moving forward. These workshops continue to give us important time to reflect together and have open and constructive conversations allowing us to continue to drive our performance.

At MissionCX we recognise the enormous value in our people. We have developed several supporting partnerships with like-minded organisations that align with our core values of unity, integrity, and innovation, as well as our mission to be the best we can be.

We teamed up with Kathryn Jackson Coaching in 2022 and now have quarterly professional development workshops at team level and monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions for individual team members, to help put in place Professional Development Plans for all our employees. The main aim of the workshops is to facilitate professional development, and a positive mindset to oneself and others, foster creativity, individuality, and growth in the workplace, and encourage our teams to embrace one another’s strengths and celebrate change and growth.

Our coaching workshops complement our overall professional development and well-being programme, which offers our teams a wide and varied tool kit to help them in their personal and working lives. At MissionCX, we want to ensure we have a happy, healthy workforce, well equipped for the inevitable challenges of working and daily life.

“Workshops and working with Kathryn as an external partner is a great opportunity for us to share our diversity as a team. Sharing our voice, our talents, and our experiences we continue to develop and grow as individuals and together.”

Philippa Hick, HR & Resources Manager, Wellbeing Lead, MissionCX

“In the early stages of establishing MissionCX, Kathryn’s support on professional development was pivotal in helping our team focus on what was important. Her authenticity was vital to helping us all find perspective, learn from one another, allowing us to realise the potential of our business and flourish as individuals and as an organisation.”

Joanne Slater, Operations Director & Founder, MissionCX

“Coaching in small groups and individually within a business is a great way of sharing, listening and gaining an insight on how best to resolve business challenges. As a professional development coach to the MissionCX team, I was briefed with assisting them in facilitating a dialogue to help them capture ideas, and solutions and help them continue to grow, develop and flourish, building on the outstanding foundations they have worked hard to achieve. Together we devised group and personal action plans focused on their professional challenges and goals, providing inspiration and encouragement to support their successful business and amazing people on their exciting journey.”

Kathryn Jackson Coaching

We look forward to our next workshop with Kathryn and our journey together as a team.

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