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project transitioning

Project Transition is a process of transferring knowledge and understanding from the project team over to the client and embedding it into their processes and procedures for the life of the asset or facility.


Design with end-state understanding is key to a successful transition through the life cycle of the project into operations. ProjectCX provides the experience and expertise to ensure the correct configuration of asset information and the existence of “golden thread” O&M material within design deliverable documentation, by either review or authoring.


Operational Readiness can be defined as having the capacity to deploy, operate and maintain structures, systems and components safely and efficiently. It is used within Project Management to ensure that the activities for a smooth roll out of information and O&M solutions are costed for, scheduled and implemented at the correct phase of the project, to reduce operational risks.


Throughout the commissioning phase of a project, emphasis is rightly or wrongly normally put on the specific plant or equipment that has been installed to ensure the equipment is safe to use, compliant with regulations and throughput can be achieved. Commissioning of the People, Processes & Procedures can sometimes be overlooked and passed over to the business-as-usual team or client to complete. This means any operational risks will also be passed over and therefore handover could be prolonged and costly to the project team.


As with any new building, machine or asset, the first year of operation can often be the most problematic and can require quite a bit of troubleshooting and fine-tuning of the engineering systems by the occupiers. Operational evaluation provides the framework that enables the project transitioning team to remain involved with the built assets beyond practical completion, which assists the client and occupiers during the first months of operations and beyond.

asset & project handover

Handover of a project can often define a project’s success and due to the time, money and resources it requires, can often be viewed as the most important milestone of a project.

Planning for the transfer of project data and knowledge from the project teams to the end users runs from the start of the project and throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Planning and working towards a successful project handover should be a process that allows an incremental transfer of knowledge instead of a date that should be set to bound the delivery phase. ProjectCX can help define the project handover requirements early in the project and implement the necessary strategy to ensure these requirements are accepted, validated and approved during the delivery of the project in order to achieve a successful handover.

We provide specialist consultancy services including ad-hoc Executive & Senior Management, Nuclear Commissioning and Project Delivery Consultants.


  • Produce and implement asset & project handover strategies.
  • Define data environments and standardisation of asset information.
  • Facilitate handover of assets and projects.
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engineering support

Within ProjectCX we have vast experience working alongside our client by embedding in their engineering teams. This experience allows us to lead or assist on a wide range of engineering processes to implement, improve and supplement the existing structure.


  • System Engineering Consultancy Services.
  • Asset Condition Assessment.
  • Asset Management Consultancy.
  • Plant Modification Proposals.
  • Safe Management of Change.
  • Through Life Management Strategies.
  • Spares and Obsolescence Management Strategies.
  • Design Review.
  • FMECA Analysis.
  • Asset/System Health and performance reporting.
  • Asset Care Support.
  • Engineering Management Support Services.

maintenance support

ProjectCX has extensive experience in maintenance support gained in the fast paced manufacturing arena and the highly regulated nuclear sector. This gives us the expertise to review existing maintenance regimes and improve them through a wide range of process driven techniques. Ensuring the maintenance carried out is not only safe but also improves efficiency and extends the lifespan of your assets.


  • Maintenance Instruction Production.
  • Maintenance Manual Production.
  • Troubleshooting guide production.
  • Derivation of Maintenance Strategies (RCM/FMECA/ARM).
  • Maintenance Strategy Implementation Support.
  • Maintenance Management and Planning Services.
  • Maintenance Training Support Services.
  • Maintenance Resource Analysis.
  • Plant Modification Proposals.
  • Safe Management of Change.
  • Through Life Management Strategies.
  • Spares and Obsolescence Management Strategies.
  • Design Review.
  • FMECA Analysis.
  • Asset/System Health and performance reporting.
  • Asset Care Support.
  • Engineering Management Support Services.

operations support

At ProjectCX we have experience of managing technically demanding operational facilities in highly regulated environments ensuring operational effectiveness whilst upholding the asset maintenance schedule. We are also experienced in identifying the operational requirements within a project space and either directly implementing structure and systems or facilitating development with the client with our Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge. This enables us to provide support in the development and improvement of all aspects of operations and maintenance, either within a project transitioning through into operational space or an existing operational organisation.


  • Operational development, implementation or improvement ensures operational lifespan is effective, efficient and compliant.
  • Visual management solutions, strategies and development for operations.
  • Reporting and logging handover strategies and development
  • Operation configuration and control.
  • Operations Management and Consultancy Services.
  • Post-handover Operational Support Services.
  • Operations Document Production Services.
  • Tactical Implementation Plans.
  • Operations Manuals.

We provide high-calibre commissioning resources to support your project delivery; either through our in-house, pooled capability or via our exclusive Supply Chain Partners Programme (SCPP).

Together we offer clients enhanced capability through a flexible and diverse supply chain. We can support small packages of work, provide longer term resourcing solutions or anything in between.

Our specialists have a wealth of expertise to assist you; providing support to projects with all aspects of commissioning, document control management and IT support services.

pre-operations support

ProjectCX has over 25 years’ experience of delivering high end Pre-operations support to a number of major nuclear and non-nuclear projects as well as a host of small asset integration projects. This experience includes defining, managing and implementing a wide range of deliverables and strategies across a number of industries.


  • Define the operations & maintenance strategies (PXP,  PMP, WBS strategies & schedules).
  • We identify & produce documentation for operations & maintenance (OI’s, MI’s, ARI’s).
  • We perform operation & maintenance assessments & strategies (ARM, RCM, REM & TBoM’s maintenance planning).
  • Update configuration baseline and asset registration (CMMS, SAP, SAMdb).
  • Asset & project integration.
  • Facilitation & support of turn-key solutions.
  • Operations & maintenance documentation production.
  • Operations & maintenance manual production.
  • Maintenance & spares strategies.
  • Configuration baseline & asset registration.
  • Asset Maintainability & Operability.
  • Project handover support.

speak to the team

Our team would be happy to discuss your project transition requirements in more detail; please drop us a message.

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